Best Ways to Save Money on Gas While Travelling

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Best Ways to Save Money on Gas While Travelling

The price of gas is increasing! It has contributed to high travel costs. You have some control over costs when you travel by car.

Here are a few ways to save gas money:

1. Switch to synthetic motor oil. It reduces friction of the engine and can make the car at the gas station a little less ravenous. (There are brands available which claim that fuel economy increases by 5%-20%.)

2. Using the specified oil grade of the manufacturer. The specifications from the manufacturing company are focused on the best for your specific car. 

3. Purchase gas with octane ratings recommended. In reality, premium can harm many motors. 

4. Fill in during the coolest days of the day. In each gallon, you get more gas, because liquids expand in the heat. The pumps measure gallons and not weight.

5. Ensure sure the gas cap is secure when filling up. Gas evaporates quickly-with an incorrectly placed cap, you can lose an appreciable amount.

6. Check your tires before your vacation, and inflate them to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Underinflated tires are causing drag and gas consumption increases. Carry a tire gauge in your glove compartment at all times.

7. Never drive on tires which are bald! These also raise the fuel consumption, in addition to being unsafe.

8. Don't let your engine idle for long periods. It involves pre-warming-all you need is one minute. 

9. Start slowly, then after a few minutes using the normal speeds.

10. Do not start your engine continuously, and stop it. Each start consumes about as much gas as one minute of idle time.

11. Drive the highway speed limit – pace devours the fuel. Turn on your cruise control whenever possible, and remember the 'egg' trick when cruising is not engaged: drive like raw egg between the floorboards and the gas pedal while you are not engaged in cruising.

12. Throughout the cities stop lights are usually programmed to suit the speed limit indicated. Drive the posted speed and a long string of green lights would most definitely strike you. Red light stopping increases idle time and gas usage.

13. Drive in such a way that the brakes are minimally utilized. 

14. Do not bring more than you need. Do not pack more than you like. The heavier you carry, the greater the gas you are using. 

15. Reduce wind power. A vehicle of dirt, snow or ice would be more pulling and burning than a clean, smart car.

16. Unless necessary, do not use air conditioner. Air cooled cars increase fuel output.

17. Pamper your car by making sure that it is regularly monitored and maintained. Slight adjustments could result in considerable savings in fuel. Tell operations staff, any time the oil is changed, to install a fuel injector cleaner.

18. Several communities have websites listing petrol costs in nearby gas stations. Do your research to find out where all the cheapest stations are before you leave. Use common sense: driving too far will engulf more gas than you will save. Use your preferred search engines and (USA and Canada).

19. If you have a gas guzzler, try a smaller vehicle on vacation with a relative or a neighbor. (keep track that both vehicle insurance policies are in order initially.) 

20. Whenever possible, walk to your destination. Walking is like knowing the area.

Save money, save the environment, and have more money to spend on your vacation!

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