Tips to Bring Together a Majestic Fashion Move!

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Tips to Bring Together a Majestic Fashion Move!


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Girl, are you smart, funny with a fabulous personality and an eye for the latest fashion trends, but need a little help pulling them all together? Look no further, here are some tips on pulling the right look together.

Your personal style is about who you are so we shouldn't blow it after spending hard earned money on the latest trends! It is risky and simple to create a great outfit. The thumb rule is equilibrium and 'less is more.'

Choose and build one "wow" item. For instance, if you have this fabulous piece of jewelry that you show off, try wearing it with a black dress. Without the overwhelming looking of your jewelry black flatters almost all figures.

Would you like to show your new stitched jeans? A sturdy shirt with heels functions perfectly with adorned jeans. The shirt will tone down if the design of the jeans is too busy.

How about the new fabulous pumps? You can't go wrong with a pair of solid black jeans and white shirt to compliment the shoes. Black jeans and solid colored t-shirt suits any colorful pumps well.

And what about the gold sequin flats you couldn't just ignore? A sweet and colorful outfit can make your golden feet the perfect compliment.

The key is to select and build upon your outfit. Just don't stick to one look. One day be glamorous and the next one be urban!

Take the time to learn about various styles. Learn how to inspire your favorite looks from previous eras. 

Trust is style. Trust. Confidence is a essential element and key. Therefore, girl you better WORK IT and have that beautiful confidence with your pretty self! You are beautiful, always remember so, and you know it. Many will feel your vibes if you look PLUS FEEL fantastic in an outfit! Whether you're 18 or 50, be proud of your appearance, and be comfortable in style.

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