Join Our Brand Ambassador Program

Thank You For Your Interest In Joining Our Lovely Brand Ambassador Program!


         Some frequently asked questions about the program are as follows:

What is it?

Our Brand Ambassador Program is accessible to all, we will provide you with a distinctive coupon code (of your decision) that you can share with your colleagues, followers, and supporters, saving them 15% off their order!

What are the advantages?

The more you and others use your code, the more you will be compensated with discounts and free products! You don't have to spend a penny either, there's no upfront price either! At the bottom of this page you can see a rewards table in depth. You'll also get a private 25% coupon code in addition to the 15% coupon code! This will enable you to order and seek something for yourself. You can then post a photo with your supporters on your Instagram and share your discount code. (We will also post you on our account and tag you!)

What are the specifications?

There are no specifications to join our Brand Ambassador Program, everyone is welcome!

What am I going to have to do?

We don't want you to feel like you've got to do anything, you can promote your discount code as much as you want! We suggest sharing your discount code with your supporters and friends once or twice a week to get the most out of our Ambassador X program. The more you use your code, the more benefits you will receive.

How do I sign up and get my discount code for your Brand Ambassador program?

Step 1: Just send us a direct Instagram message (@LadiesSuperStore) and let us know you'd like to join our Brand Ambassador program!

Step 2: Let us know what you'd like the discount code to be.

Step 3: We will reply to verify that your code has been developed as quickly as possible!

Step 4: Tag @LadiesSuperStore and #LadiesSuperSquad in your Instagram post with also acknowledging via an Instagram video or Instagram caption with your photo the special 15% off discount code you'd like to share with your friends and family to shop at LadiesSuperStore! Once this final step is accomplished and your Instagram post is made, a 25% private discount code will be sent to you.

How do I know that my discount code has been used many times?

Unfortunately we can not send automatic updates because there is no automated system in place to tell you when your code has been used. Just send an email to,, and ask us to verify how many times you have used your discount code!

When My Code Is Used: Rewards:
2 Times A 30% off discount code.
5 Times 1 item for free that costs $25 or less.
10 Times Another item for free that costs $25 or less.
15 Times Another item for free that costs $30 or less.
20 Times $50 store credit ($50 worth of free items).

We can’t wait to have you join our #SuperLadiesSquad Family!